Meet The Crew!



 For Hoa, Pharmacy is actually his third degree. Not just a pretty face, he studied Psychology and then Clinical Bioinformatics before completing a postgraduate degree in Masters of Pharmacy. Aside from his work at Colyton, Hoa manages a couple of pharmacies in Lake Haven up on the central coast.

Hoa and Veronica got hitched on January 5th 2008 accompanied by nine hundred people playing musical chairs at the reception and now live with a dog called Wagga, a cat called Cally and about thirty tropical fish. 

Lauren has just finished high school but she is rapidly becoming qualified to do everything in the pharmacy, from ear piercing, makeup consultation, weight loss, blister packing and extemporaneous compounding to really just running the place. (We love you Lauren!)

Lauren once planned on a career in construction after high school but after we all sat on her for a while she agreed to stay and share her many amazing talents with us instead.

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 Vera is a registered nurse and baby clinic sister. She has many years of experience working not only in pharmacies around Colyton, Erskine Park, Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt but also in aged care, home care and as an RN in hospital.

Her straightforward nature, good humour and ability to mother everyone and everything within a 25 metre radius makes her a wonderful and caring person to go to with any problem under the sun.

Vera and Veronica first met working at a pharmacy in Mount Druitt and enjoyed it so much they stayed in touch ever since!


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Veronica has been working in pharmacy since she was sixteen. She registered as a pharmacist in 2005, graduating from Sydney Uni the year before, and aside from her work in Colyton also writes for a pharmacy journal and tutors pharmacy students.


Veronica has worked all over the place in both hospital and community pharmacy, including places such as Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Muswellbrook, Vaucluse, Cabramatta and Westmead.



Christopher is currently studying his Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, following in the footsteps of his two siblings.

When Chris was younger his main ambition in life was to become a) a fire engine, or b) Prime Minister of Australia, and who's to say he won't?

We are all looking ahead to the time when Chris is legally able to run the whole place, upon which we're all going to sit back and leave him in charge of the place whenever we feel like Gloria Jeans.

Christopher also plays basketball for the ACBA Clovers (yeah yeah!)

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 Laura has been working part time at Colyton Centre Pharmacy for the longest out of everyone and has steadfastly remained normal, cheery and mentally stable, despite the attempts of her workmates to weird her up, drive her loopy or gross her out.


Aside from Laura's pharmacy certifications, she is a Biological Scientist and OHS Manager. :)

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